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We have a variety of board stock coated with adhesive and supplied without adhesive for mounting as well as mounting accessories for beginners and professionals.From the very beginning, we didn't make finished products rather, we made our customers' products easier and quicker to finish. This innovative and service-oriented spirit has been the foundation for many great innovations and solid business relationships over the past 50 years. Since our modest beginnings in 1949, we've grown into three specialized divisions, each dedicated to their respective expertise in Adhesive Coating, Foam Tape & Gaskets, and Merchandising. As the world changes around us, we are constantly adapting to the shifts and trends in the marketplace to keep Pres-On on the cutting edge of adhesive coating and manufacturing. With the current boom in digital image printing, we've kept our tradition of innovation alive with new products that make a difference. To our customers and friends, thanks for sticking with us for all these years. To prospective customers, we look forward to developing great products and delivering "Ideas that Stick" for the next 50 years. To view our Mounting Boards click here! MOUNTING BOARD BASICS MOUNTING BOARD APPLICATIONS MOUNTING BOARD COMPARISON CHART HOW TOs, TIPS & TRICKS If you have any questions, please Email us!

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B05 Self-Stick™ Hobby Craft Boards

B05 Self-Stick™ Hobby Craft Boards

Pres-On B05 Self-Stick™ Hobby Craft Boards are thick paper / chipboard mounting boards have smooth, clay-coated surfaces, one of which is covered with pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive. Simply peel back the release liner as you position the graphic on the sticky surface. read more